YONSEI UNIVERSITY College of Engineering


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Facts and Figures

Undergraduate Students

SchoolMajorNumber of Students
School of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 495
Biotechnology 169
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1,400
School of Architecture and Urban Planning Architectural Engineering 362
Urban Planning and Engineering 190
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering 293
School of Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 496
School of Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering 546
School of Computer Science and Industrial Engineering Information and Industrial Engineering 224
Computer Science 271
School of Integrated Technology Integrated Technology 64
Total 4,256

Graduate Students

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 228
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 750
Architectural Engineering 93
Civil and Environmental Engineering 207
Mechanical Engineering 347
Material Science and Engineering 312
Information and Industrial Engineering 129
Urban Planning and Engineering 100
Computer Science 173
Integrated Technology 69
Total 2,386


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 20
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 59
Architectural Engineering 15
Urban Planning and Engineering 8
Civil and Environmental Engineering 22
Mechanical Engineering 36
Material Science and Engineering 30
Information and Industrial Engineering 12
Computer Science 19
Integrated Technology 13
Total 234

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