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Architecture & Architectural Engineering
Buildings are designed, engineering, and constructed to satisfy their aesthetic and
functional goals within the given budget and time frame.

The Department of Architectural Engineering offers extensive undergraduate and graduate education that is specifically devoted to the cultural, historical, social, ecological, computational, and technological issues of the built environment.

The department offers two programs for undergraduate education: the 5-year Architecture Program and the 4-year Architectural Engineering Program. Both programs provide diverse courses within the context of a leading school of art, science, and technology. The 5-year Architecture Program focuses on the design studio courses needed to satisfy the requirements of the Korea Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB), while the 4-year Architectural Engineering Program includes intensive engineering courses designed to satisfy the requirements of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK).

The department's graduate program features 5 fields of study and 14 research laboratories. The fields of study include 1) architectural design, 2) architectural planning, history and theory, 3) structural engineering, 4) building environment and facilities, and 5) construction engineering and management.

Because of the value it places on cultural, social, technological, and environmental responsibilities, the department invests in cultivating leadership in the area of architectural society. Students are provided with academic, career, and leadership opportunities through which they can take advantage of various resources, including individual advisors, domestic and international internship programs, international student exchange programs, scholarship opportunities, mentoring programs, etc.

Areas of Study:

  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Planning, History, and Theory
  • Structural Engineering
  • Built Environment and Facilities
  • Construction Engineering and Management

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