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Mechanical Engineering
Our mission is to train qualified individuals with the capability of systhetic designing
based on creative thinking and spirit of challenge, thus benefiting the global society.


The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate future leaders with solid engneering background and strong social commitment. To accomplish this mission, the department operates a highly competitive curriculum with strong emphasis on engineering foundations for emerging technologies of the 21st century. The curriculum is designed to maximize the capacity of mechanical engineers to undertake crucial roles in implementation of these technologies.

Significant effort has also been made to provide students with hands-on opportunities and computer skills. The students are catered to gain interdisciplinary understanding of basic as well as applied sciences so that they will be equipped with the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing technology trend.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from our Mechanical Engineering department have entered a wide-variety of fields, including the automotive, heavy industry, defense industry, environment/energy, electronics and communication, construction, and in diverse start-up companies. In addition to the traditional manufacturing industry, mechanical engineers are expected to advance in the forthcoming new frontier industries such as information technology, new and renewable energy, mechatronics, robotics, bio-medical instruments, MEMS.

Career Opportunities
Research AreasDescriptionRelated Fields
Robotics & Mechantronics Robotics, Precision control and measurement, New material and smart structures, Impact, Reliability, Stress analysis, Micro-mechanics, Vibration Automation, Humanoid robotics, Automotive structures, Semiconductor components, Data storage devices, Control and measurement, Arms and weapons, Aviation control
Manufacturing & Photonics Precision machining, MEMS, Nanophotonics, Nanotransducer, Manufacturing processes, Optical engineering and applications, Optical lithography, Nanoimprint, Medical imaging Precision machining / Manufacturing Automation, Electronics manufacturing, Photonic sensor, Measurement system, Piezoelectric materials
Design & Mechanics CAD/CAM, Optimal design, Optical lens design and manufacturing, Solid Mechanics, Medical device design, Semiconductor processing system design, Computational fluid mechanics E-manufacturing, Information management design, Computer assisted design
Energy & Environment Internal combustion engine, Propulsion, Combustion, Heat transfer, Environmental engineering, New and renewable energy, Lubrication/biofluidics, Turbo machinery Auto/aircraft engines, Space engineering, power plant, intelligent home appliances, Energy
Nano-Bio Biosensor, Biochip, Lab-on-a-chip, Bio-instrumentation,Bio-extreme control, Bio-tools, Microfluidics, Bio-MEMS, Bio-materials & mechanics Artificial organs, Biomechanics, Medical engineering, Bioengineering, Bioelectronics,

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