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Industrial Engineering
The Department of information and industrial engineering is concerned
with management science and production system, infomation engineering,
and advanced engineering management.

The Department of Information and Industrial engineering (ie.yonsei.ac.kr) is concerned with management science and production system, information engineering, and advanced engineering management. The department aims at educating students to the current practical demands for the global experts equipped with creativity and research abilities. It also intends to provide students with ethical values needed for today's world. After graduation, students will have the ability to analyze, design, and manage integrated components of people, machines, facilities, and information resources to create efficient and effective systems that produce goods and services beneficial to mankind.

The faculty members in the department have a variety of scholarly interests. These interests include operations research, industrial statistics, simulation, production system, human-computer interaction, evaluation of business information systems, logistics information engineering, semantic web application, financial information engineering, and business knowledge management. The faculty members are not only actively doing research in these areas, but they also integrate their research experiences with the teaching experiences of both undergraduate and graduate students.

The graduates of the department have worked in various environments; some graduates work for large companies, such as Samsung, LG, SK, KT, Hyundai, IBM, banks, etc, and the others prefer small venture companies. In the companies, they work as system planning/operation engineers, management consultants, and information engineers. All of them play very important roles in the system integration industry.

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